About Terrell


Terrell is someone who truly comes from humble beginnings and started to learn that he will get through any obstacle with the grace of the man above. He
manage to complete college with honors being awarded on the dean’s list 4 times later graduated
with his BA of science degree in the summer of 2016 where he did some private security work for high end designing stores, school properties and even some promotions for night life events where he made a lot of connections which all helped him later discover his true
calling in life and mission.

Terrell is the walking the testimony of no matter where you come from there is always a way out and he is extremely grateful to be in the space he is in and has built. Terrell is continuously helping and mentoring people from juvenile facilities, coalition for the homeless, high schools, leadership training's and many more to help future leaders become their very best and authentic selves. He learned from his past
experiences that life will never be easy but the journey is so 
rewarding  when you just keep going no matter what. He is a advocate for the odyssey who is guiding and teaching troubled youth across the states 
 through their every life challenge with the principles and proven method he applied to his personal and professional life to be the authentic leader he stands to be today.  Rell have truly come such a long way and is now
a full-time orator and life strategist who spends time mentoring students, athletes, juveniles teaching them the
fundamentals of what it takes to be the very best you and helping others unleash their fullest potential, inner greatness and vulnerability. To know you are a true beacon of light and to know most will understand your journey they way you do.  You will go through pain and you will heal through the process only if you choose to. Rell decided to take the extra mile to get each of his students and clients focused and
guiding them to know it is possible to reach new heights when you believe, trust, go for it and
surround yourself with like minded people who will support, challenge and encourage you every
step of the way possibilities are endless. 
There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work then to follow what matters
most than your passion. He have learned through this journey that this is much bigger than us . The ability to helping others will help you become the leader you desire be
and help you reach people you aspire to see. It is a truly calling and what makes the world a
great place is the great people in it striving and thriving every day to make this world a better
place. Our next generation, we must not judge or belittle, look down but let’s lead by example and provide
them with the proper tools, techniques, strategies and leadership to help them also achieve greatness. It is truly a
priceless feeling and give back to those who need it mostly that's what he represent.


Mr.Terrell Sumpter partners weekly with various correctional facilities throughout the Florida Region. He shares his heart, soul, passion and  story to incarcerated men, women and juveniles. His Dynamic motivational speaking gives hope and encouragement during a very challenging time in their life. Mr. Sumpter inspires incarcerated people to realize greater level of self-worth, helping them envision a higher level of potential for themselves and their families. He demonstrate the importance of living a lawful, productive life.