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Expect a powerful message from Rell, a high energy personal development speaker who moves a crowd in such a extraordinary way. 

He has taken time studying greatness, reading books, listening to inspirational audio and attending a few events along with the support and mentor ship from some of the most influential minds around the world today  to help level up his game. 

Rell starts off each of his speaking sessions with a breathe in breathe out exercise to help his audience wake up more and to visualize where they are truly themselves in the next 6 months to a year.  He is purpose driven and authentic and leads by example. 

What separates Rell from many, is that he believes in authenticity and that your audience matters, so he makes it his responsibility to engage with his audience to help increase the energy and momentum even more in the room. He touches on many topics evolving around positive changes, purpose, gratitude, mindset, leadership, relationships, life challenges and much more.


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