It was so an honor to be a part of the Inspire before we expire community conversations. Terrell Sumpter is an extraordinary host with such an amazing vision. It’s inspiring to witness the shifts he’s making to raise awareness within and outside of his community. Thank you to all the people that are contributing to this amazing movement! 

Love and light,

Rebecca Munoz 


So overall your program allowed me to further my understanding of myself in certain situation. It forced me to think about the way I feel in certain situations. Whether it be, in the classroom, on the field, meeting a new person, or even giving a presentation. It furthered my understanding for myself in different situations. We talked a lot about confidence in all those different situations. What I learned is that confidence can be a choice and that is something I really try to embrace today. Time management was another aspect we discussed, the work-life balance. Meaning, maintaining that focus is crucial in terms of furthering your career. Career... Well, what does that mean? To me after your course I’ve come to understand that a meaningful career is only meaningful if it aligns with your life goals, which means identifying your life goal is a crucial step in furthering your life and living out that dream. To m it’s been clear to see the distractions we get caught up in... Taking care of your body, both mentally and physically you should always take precedent before going out... Little things, like eating right, training, getting enough sleep should be never be jeopardized by partying. Your course has opened my eyes up to different aspects of life including goals and career management. I still have work to do as far as staying present and living in the moment but quite honestly, who doesn’t. I think it’s important to understand that... I also think it’s important to do something that will help you achieve your goals each and every day. That’s crucial. You don’t have to always be making positive strides because there are good days and bad days. Being able to detect the bad days is just as important as being able to learn from the good days. Never backwards always trying to move forward even if we get stuck. I want to thank you again Terrell really appreciate it.

- Lloyd Hill


My man, Terrell, and I first began following each other on Instagram. We engaged with each others content and fully related to the mentality and outlook we each have for life.

As we got to know each other better we realized how alike we were. I can't express enough gratitude for having met Terrell. His fire, passion and attitude are something to admire and I look forward to our continued friendship.

This guy is THE REASON I've kept pushing through my challenges at times and encourage you to connect with and get to know better a mentor, a incredible public speaker the man that is, Terrell Sumpter!! 

- Jake Widmann


I first met Terrell through Instagram and he stood out because of his dedication and passion. I find him encouraging when I see his dedication it reminds me to stay dedicated to the craft of my choice which is screen printing at the moment. I'm looking forward to watching rell continue to grow while motivating me to do the same. Thank you rell for your positive vibes and good energy . I appreciate it a lot. 

Yours thankfully,

Opeti Vaka | New Zealand Native


It's not every day that i run into people I feel have their pulse on something greater than themselves, but that was exactly the feeling i got meeting Terrell Sumpter. Here was a guy who was bold and intelligent. I love the title of the podcast Inspire Before You Expire and really enjoyed being interviewed by Terrell. I know this is a young man who is driven to make a difference and I am looking forward to seeing where he take it from here.

- David Norrie


Here are a few items that make Terrell Sumpter a Super Host. 

He gets to know his guest before the show so he knows they are right for his audience. He asks questions geared to enhance what the guest is sharing that also bring clarity for his listening audience. He knows beforehand that the guest will share information that if applied will help his listening audience be more successful. He creates a fun and exciting podcast so his audience stays engaged He leads by example. 

In closing The Inspire Before We Expire Podcast Is an inspirational and motivational broadcast that helps the dreams of audience be realized. 

- John R Hobbs - Author And Inventor


Being on The Inspire Before We Expire podcast was an Incredible experience. Terrell is an excellent host, who asked thought provoking questions that helps the listener's dive deep with the guest. I enjoyed sharing my story with the audience. I am excited to be on the podcast again in the future. I highly recommend the podcast to anyone I love seeing leader's empower and inspire others, and be the change in this world! 

- Danielle Leithead


 Terrell, What an absolute pleasure it was to be on your show. Your level of professionalism was comparable to no other. I absolutely loved the questions you asked. There was one question that truly moved me. "What advice would you give to your 18 year old self? Thank you for opportunity to be on your show. It was truly an honor to interact with such an attentive, humble and generous host.

- Dr.Joan


Hire Terrell! Get him involved in your big event, training and engagement. He is full of energy and full of life. Terrell makes one of the hardest jobs - connecting dots and lessons to his energy - look seamless and easy. It's not easy he will do it with your best interest in mind and your people and attendees at the top of his priority list. I recommend Terrell for your next event. 

- Nat Measley founder of Your Culture Story


Hey there my man! Okay so I came in a little late to your talk but when I was listening I could literally see your energy and was amazed by it! The way how you talk about manifesting your own destiny is what I loved because it’s the truth and I practice it everyday! Literally as long as you are putting your whole heart and soul into something you believe in, something will come if it! I deeply believe in that! I also agreed with you when you spoke about persistence and how that is the key! There were lots of things that I loved that you were talking about but, without rambling on that’s my general consensus. I’m just HUGE about energy. I believe that we all control our output, and if people can tap into that we can change the world!!!

- Jim Leahy